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Proposed Workshop Role Out within schools & schooling systems

posted 31 Mar 2011, 06:17 by Unknown user   [ updated 12 Apr 2011, 01:03 by Jess Maher ]


    Defining your future: not being forced into a job & life you resent

    The intention of this workshop/seminar is to encourage and inspire Kiwi youth to make use of the tools, services, sites and skills that currently many seem to have in excess! Web 2.0 had its birth as these kids were being born, and much like teenager lesson, the learning's we have in social media are often obtain from a basis of trial and error largely. We realise as "digital natives", today's youth know the most about many of these current technologies we have available, but are also the least likely to take the initiative to utilise them to showcase the vast potential.


    We want to excite these kids to the potential and power of the "time wasting" tools they currently use already and introduce them to some very successful and popular brands, bands & people that have done so before. Discussing around the six topic headers outlined, we want to touch on some key lessons and we wanted to finish the arvo off with some entertainment and performances...


    TOPIC HEADERS: 1. Whats the point??   2. Searching for your purpose   3. New World Order  4. Exploring what social media & the net means for the working world    5. If you love what you do, you never have to "go to work" again   6. Where to next?






    17 June · 17:00 - 21:00






    Assist NZ


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    The latest in our workshop series is our new "Youth" workshop- aimed at senior school and early tertiary student ages, we explore alternatives to the standard work model. We will covering 6 headings, in which we will explore the following:





    1. What's the point??


    Being the least religious generation on record, natural disaster & pollution destroying our world and the "walls of our capitalist world" continue to crack & crumble, is the lack of direction, uninterested & general angst in Kiwi teenagers and youth worldwide is really a symptom of a deeper systemic problem... But the sites & services used already, mostly to waste time as you've told us on Facebook Questions, can actually enable you to define your own path in life.


    2. Searching for your purpose...


    Using GM's VBO Model, we introduce the concept of exploring your goals in the purpose based model... Based on a Venn diagram, the values, goals and aspirations form around the heart of any fulfilling career endeavour especially. 


    3. New World Order..


    We are living in times of great change and in the future, changes you may or may not be part of achieving are happening all around you.. But the "social structures" of many aspects of our world's today, do not adequately reflect these. We are doing our best to change some of these, and while social and cultural change is changing now much faster than any rate when have seen before, everything takes time.. By providing you some insight into the context in which the "current world order" was created, we have to give you insights into how to work with what you have... 


    4. Exploring what social media & the net means for your working life..


    Parents, employers & you reputation online is a massive change in our worlds that no generation before you has had to deal with... But freedom of speech, right to privacy, access & at school, home or in the work place..


    5. If you love what you do, you never have to 'go to work' again!


    If you have employees that love what they do, there is no need motivate them. If you have a job you love, going to work in the morning can actually be exciting...If you can work out a way to get paid to do the things you already like to do for fun, wouldn't that be the kind of job you could live with?? We'll get some speakers who have managed to do just that, using social media, some of whom we expect you will already be familiar with...


    6. Where to from here...


    Given this, how can you achieve your goals and desires in our world today.. While we all have the technology to make a YouTube video of ourselves to do or make, create or achieve anything we may love, be passionate or driven about, many of us don't... It's hard work; such successes of even a 3min music video for youtube requires talent, training/trial-&-error learning's, creativity and a lot of time, patience, dedication and persistence... 


    Like these awesome examples :



    If you don't believe me, check out the awesome work of these guys -http://www.YouTube.com/whateverhollywood





    We want to inspire, inform & excite young people who will be soon be entering universities, the workforce or maybe the job seekers /unemployment demographic sector of our communities.. We hope they can find ways to make the work world work for them...


    We know social media & web 2.0 technologies enable anyone of us to have the tools & technologies already at our fingertips and with them have the potential to achieve any kind of aspiration we've yet come across...


    There are already so many talented, achieved, respected & successful people from various walks of life that have managed to work out how to find ways to live life doing the things they love every day & get paid to do it... Many of these have used social media to help them achieve this, from the likes of the gelato dreams Giapo has made a reality, to the success & fun of the likes of Jermaine Leef, formerly from C4 more recently embracing the lead role as JGeek & the Geeks... We want to impress & entertain this group of youths and inspire them to live out their dreams...


    If anyone out there thinks they may have a 'teenager' worthy, social media success story to share potentially, please get in touch - jess@assistnz.com