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Being fired for actions online has a name - "Dooced"!

posted 6 Feb 2011, 13:30 by Jess Maher   [ updated 6 Feb 2011, 13:42 ]
Mashable's article by Sharlyn Lauby (2009) uses the term “Dooced” which is an Internet expression that means to lose one’s job because of things one says online in her guide to social media policy. The first case in NZ Employment Courts involving social media which was heard early 2009, focused around employee infighting on facebook which had occurred largely outside of work hours. Demonstrating that regardless of weather a business adopts for banning of internal use of social media or not, businesses today can not get away from social media. Their employees are using it, in most markets their customers are using it and now, you are require to use them in order to fulfill the requirements for compliance. With igovt launched a several weeks ago, since in order to contact public departments such as IRD, businesses and individuals alike, will now be required to register a profile on the Government's network. 

This is an ongoing and continuing issue we are increasingly seeing evidence of in a broad level. Really the questions and debate about this topic should be base at a more fundamental level- 
Short term profits and acting with the best intersets of the share holders has been empowering corporations like Burger King for years, social media just allows us to share our stories.. but the time has come where multinational brands and governments alike need to really consider what this means, as do each of us... after all us "users" are the only empowering and powerful resource sites like Facebook have and we don't even seem to be awre we are signing away our rights as soon as we sign up!