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posted 14 Dec 2010, 14:50 by Jess Maher   [ updated 17 Dec 2010, 20:54 ]
Co-Working and these meet ups termed "Jelly"s have been the craze for a while now in the states.. with so many small businesses in NZ (reportedly almost 70% of us are micro-businesses, or in other words businesses whom do not employ anyone else) it is a wonder they haven't had more popularity before now... 

Mashable's have had some great blogs and articles on the topic broadly, including:

Some favorite co-working spaces include... 

There have been increasingly more of this kind of concept being thrown around in New Zealand...

  SharedSpace is a rental/lease listings site for sharing office space etc (http://www.sharedspace.co.nz/) and on this site, you can find businesses trying to establish these kinds of concepts... http://www.sharedspace.co.nz/listings.html?view=listing&id=216

One has been established in Wellington... http://www.altspace.co.nz/  and in Nelson... http://www.nelsonbusinesscentre.co.nz/index.html 

In fact these guys from AltSpace have hit the nail on the head... they state:

"AltSpace was set up exactly like the sort of place we were looking for and could not find.    We wanted an office environment where you could move in and be up running in a few minutes, with excellent shared facilities that do not incur a host of petty charges. With the knowledge that the owners were in the business of providing the best coworking space available, and not just subleasing redundant office space."

Surely this is something other "westie" entrepreneurs are looking for?? It is defiantly something I am moving to progress forward and try and achieve... If any one is interested or has any input, please contact email@assistnz.com 

Other cool movements and studies include: