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Digital Natives: Protecting your kids online

posted 4 May 2011, 08:23 by Jess Maher
Our first Sweet As Social Media Community Course is coming up on the 19th of May from 630pm-8pm at Massey Community House (the old library building) in Don Buck Rd, Massey. Aimed at Parents & Caregivers, we want to provide insight into the context & issues being discussed by educators & internet saftey groups online that affect thier kids. With cyberbullying, extended use and oversharing being common parental concerns in our experience, we provide some eady to follow guides and outlines to assist parents ensure the security and saftey of thier home networks and explore education & school processes & issue resolution for online problems & the array of support & resources available to parents online & in the community.  

Back in 2007, the Herald and other sources, indicated hope for us all in this "cyberspace wild west" from the NZ Police (such as this Stuff.co.nz article). They talked at the time even of thier collaborative efforts with organisations such as Netsafe to overcome the problem. The onlyElectronic Crime Strategy we can find is only valid until 2010 so we are unsure if there has been more from them on this one...   

Clearly, they do at least continue their support of NetSafe, the brochure entitled "Keeping Kids Safe Online" from NetSafe 

From what we have found however, the best stuff comes from the Australian Government & also ironically, fact sheets from Walmart..  The NZ Department of Internal Affairs also has a list of these global resources which can be found here 

The Parents & Caregivers section of the NetSafe site has some valuable resources too, including this topic:Social Behavior in Cyberspace

This really sums up the crux of it though, there is a real need for Digital Etiquette, not only from our kids, but us online...  This lesson plan from the Australian Govt could also be used as a talking point for parents with older kids also. 

 What we need is a few more ideas like this RAK one to be pushed through schools & communities to restore a sense of collective community in our local areas.. 

There are a number of resources that can be found online including;

The Police Solutions in UK -http://www.ceop.police.uk/ 

Other private organisations have also been developed for example, these few, also from the UK;

Other Useful resources can be found at:


Reporting Systems for Cyberbullying associated issues: 

Internet Watch Foundation  -  http://www.iwf.org.uk/about-iwf/remit-vision-and-mission