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Parenting in the Digital World: Kids & Social Media

posted 4 May 2011, 14:18 by Unknown user   [ updated 5 May 2011, 20:37 by Jess Maher ]
19 May · 18:30 - 20:00

Massey Community House
385 Don Buck Road, Massey
Waitakere, New Zealand

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With 98% of Kiwi Schools having internet access and iGovt launched last year, the digital world is now so integrated & embedded in our societies that it is being becoming more difficult to imagine our lives without technology. For those of us who can remember the fear and threat of the "Y2K Bug", the last decade has shown us rapid and exponential growth in online technologies. Not only are our virtual realities now a part of our daily lives, but they have fundamentally and radically changed them. Today, we have got the point where reports state that one in four kids have an "online presence" before they are born.

Its still largely a "wild west" online and kids remain squarely in the firing line. They are acutely aware they know much more about these technologies than any identifiable authority figure and reports show less than 50% of households appear to define or set any kind of rules around internet use. Of those parents who do set rules, it is reported only 20% of them actually try to enforce them.

Working in this area for clients our...selves, we found many unanswered questions & issues, some scary & concerning behaviour & approaches of youth using digital technologies, schools in our opinion largely falling short of the responsibilities of them in such cases and the parents having no idea.

We will provide an overview of the existing support and resources avaliable to parents & caregivers to protect thier kids online and briefly explore some of our favourites. Provide an overview of the main concerns for parents & commonly experienced traps of youth by sharing some of our own experiences. Providing "take home" resources and guides to Family Security & Saftey online and enable discussions to focus on areas of concern or contention among attendants. Finally we will work together to draft relevant "house rules" or guidelines to attempt to iniate ongoing conversations between parents & children as in this case especially, "prevention is the best cure".